Welcome To Another Kick A** Episode Of The Monster Cast On Another Monster Monday In Brought To You In Part By Merchan Media Productions And Endo Hemp Products. 
On This Episode We Have A Very Special Premiere Of Our New Video Titled "Aye Foo" Ft Yours Truly The Mmup Clan Directed & Shot By Jay26ix.
 Plus Our Conversation Of Individual Projects That Each Monster Has Created For This Year.
Dont Forget That El Jefe Aka FaceVsit Brings You A Whole New Rundown On Whats Happening In The  Marvel & Dc Universe With The Release Of MoonKnight And Morbius Face Also Gives A Recap Of The New Sonic The Hedgehog Movie With The Amazing Jim Carrey Trust Me You Do Not Want To Miss Out On  This Version Of Thug Nerd.
BarlosGotBars As Always Bringing You The Latest On His Segment Called The Hits & Hits Where He Discusses The Sports World And  The Recent Canelo Decision On His Next Opponent And The Latest In The Musical World With The Discussion Of The Recent Grammy Nominations.
Official Shneaky Comes Back With Another Trippy Analysis On How Physicedelic Studies Can Be Talked About in Everyday Conversation And How It Relates To Everyday Life.
 Stay Tuned For Another Great Episode Of The Monster Cast!

On This Monster Cast:
01:25 Special Premiere Announcement
03:33 Barlito's Way Is Out Now
05:55 Sexual Assault Awareness Month
08:03 Kayden Phoenix Comics
09:19 Thug Nerd Sonic The Hedgehog
10:40 episode Of Moon Knight
11:59 Morbius Jared Leto
14:49 A Newer Morbius Trait (Lead Up)
17:19 Alot Of Nods To Vampire Movies
19:47 Shneaky Moon Knight Observation
22:17 Grammy Nominations BarlosGotBars
22:30 H.E.R & Lenny Kravitz
23:47 3Fac3s
24:23 Nas I Can Performance
24:39 Jack harlow Success
26:07 Silk Sonic Awards
28:20 Taylor Hawkins Tribute
30:56 Aye Foo Reminder/Barlito's Way
32:09 Whats The Overall Feedback On Barlito's Way
35:00 Are You Happy With Barlito's Way
36:20 We Like To Freestyle
37:23 Sesh Studio Sessions
39:10 Ep The Dreamer/3Fac3s
39:17 Shneaky Shadowwork
42:00 Aye Foo Premiere
45:10 Cana Manabita
46:22 Aye Foo Cheers
49:00 Hits Gas/Shneaky Adventure
53:00 Embracing Hip Hop
58:08 Hip Hops Put Me On
1:01:44 The Lyricism Is Key
1:04:09 3 Fac3s Solo Project
1:09:37 Face Creating The Vision
1:12:42 The Gloves Are Off Babe
1:13:42 What We Got To Show
1:14:35 Benavidez Should Fight Canelo
1:16:03 GGG Vs. Canelo
1:17:53 Gotta Know When To Quit
1:19:22 Darkside Of The Ring
1:22:36 Beware Of Your Darkness
1:24:41 The Tours Are Brutal
1:25:39 Shneaky/World Of Drug Abuse
1:29:01Generational Trash
1:33:08 LoopHoles
1:35:30 A Good Leader
1:37:57 Real Spit Though
1:42:00 A More Contemplative Life
1:43:20 Its Like Thor's Hammer
1:45:46 Respect & Consistent Work
1:50:00 If You Could Save One Life
1:54:10 Shneaky's Crazy Moment
1:57:00 We Excited
1:59:50 Nightmares & Dreams
2:03:00 The Story Is Already Written
2:06:12 Wise Words From Terry Crews
2:08:23 Higher Level Higher Frequency
2:12:18 Knowledge Of Self Is Knowledge Of The Universe
2:14:50 Do You Like Your Life
2:18:34 Last Words

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Psychedelic Studies Article:

Filmed And Recorded On 4/05/22 Live From Shneaky Studios
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